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This site provides information concerning the Nigerian Painting Tour (NPT).

The Nigerian Painting Tour is a Biodiversity Conservation Project geared at celebrating and promoting the amazingly diverse Nigerian landscapes in paintings.

A team of wildlife/landscape painters undertake tours of the country and document what they see in beautiful and enchanting paintings.

This group also organises painting exhibitions, lectures, symposia and fund raising dinners in support of the Nigerian biodiversity causes.

Taking Action on the Environment
Climate changes will affect our future ability to satisfy human needs, in both positive and negative ways. It will alter agricultural conditions; local and regional trends in droughts, floods, and storms; stresses on buildings and other long-standing infrastructure; health risks; and much more. Many environmental changes that are consistent with global warming can already be detected today.

NPT is motivated towards creating AWARENESS on the environment and redirecting the attention of policy makers to these areas.

Sponsors and Partners
The NPTng achieves her objctives through the Joint Action Committee (JAC) comprising of individuals and coporate entities who are motivated to action on the environment.

Art as an Enviromental Policy
Policies and measures should be selected only after rigorous evaluation. How well will tthe policy achieve its goal of reducing emission? How reliable will it achieve that goal? Will its effectiveness erode overtime? Will it create continual incentives to improve products or processes in ways that reduce emissions and other forms of environmental polution? Will the policy have wider environmental effects, such as improved local air quality? Will the policy achieve its environment goal at the lowest cost, taking into account transaction, information, and enforcement costs? What additional benefits will the policy or measure have? Is the policy politically acceptable? What are the administrative requirements? Could the policy be enforced? How will it interact with other government objectives? Will it contribute to changing attitudes and increasing awareness of climate change?

These and many more questions explains the feasibility and effectiveness edge an Art policy will have on the environment.

"Niger Area Tour" -coming soon!
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The costs of climate/biodiversity protection is reduced with the concerted efforts of motivated individuals and government/nongovernmental agencies whose joint efforts make a more resounding and long lasting statement.

...protecting Nigerian climate and biodiversity through art.